there's this nearly-24hour convenience store up here, i just was there a minute back, and the guy there lives in my building and he's real nice, real cool and smiles a lot and lives upstairs 2flights, and i guess it's called "SUPER-DEL MARKET" but a lot of the lights inthe sign don't work so all y'see is SU...KET" when y'go up to it, or when you're on the bus in the morning so early that there's no sun yet but wheenever you're always thinking about all those lights that're blown out and have been blown out since you signed the goddam lease someday last year when you knew this was it, you knew you were making a break with your past with youcollege with your high school with yor boyboy catholic grade school and all those nice little boys who're still y'r friends and who still call you when you're not hacking at the box and not screwing away at tiresomely fucked up Alvin Ailey dancers who talk and talk and talk and as much as you like that you just gotta give and get what you want somewhere and make her shutup, not that you want her to get lost or be mean to you or every night's gotta be measuring up to the previous night and if she doesn't fuck you up as deep as you can be fucked every single night then she's not very good for you, is she, and you gotta think about things time after time after time and now you're home and typing typing up into the box making it up that the weather really suck hard or otherwise you'd be outside shooting baskets and sniffing up the river even at this hour, even later and even all night long because there's nothing else to do g'dammit.. so i'm not aggravated or be-noyed at the SU...KET but at Guinnes and this new thing they have about selling 4-Packs, 4-Packs i say, this is rotting me, rotting on me. it hurts, but the radio says martians are landing and the saucers ar landng and the spacemen have come again, but look to the skies, the saucers will always be there, oh hodie-ho that's the truth if you look even a little deep into people yattering loud-as-fuck on the bus in the morning or in-the-afternoon, people are desperate to believe in flying beasts or glittery saucers or God.